Using Social Navigator to Improve Results in the Classroom

The Social Navigator

Special resource: "Classroom and Instructional Modifications to Assist Students with Social Challenges and Learning Disabilities". Get it here.
It's a fact. 1 in 5 students exhibit classroom behaviors that make it difficult for teachers, themselves, and their peers.

The Social Navigator is the first assistive technology tool of its kind. Perfect for use in educational settings, The Social Navigator is an app designed to be both a behavior management device and a teaching tool. So versatile and easy to use, The Social Navigator can be used with large groups, small groups and individuals. In addition, The Social Navigator provides a simple and reliable way to document behavior and track progress.

Designed to improve the implementation of positive behavior supports in schools, The Social Navigator assists in:
  • Decreasing disruptive behaviors
  • Improving students' adaptive skills and social skills
  • Reducing the use of disciplinary measures
  • Establishing a positive and supportive school environment
  • Accurately documenting behavior and tracking development
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The Social Navigator was developed to provide positive behavioral support to students with social and emotional challenges and to teach any student adaptive, prosocial ways to get their needs met. The application has two modes, "report" and "review", and can be used to address an individual's disruptive behavior or to teach small and large groups social skills and adaptive strategies.

As a behavior management application, The Social Navigator:
  • Can be used anytime the child starts to become agitated or when their behavior begins to conflict with the others.
  • Reduces emotional meltdowns by redirecting attention from a power struggle to a problem to be solved.
  • Focuses attention on improving skills, not disciplining behavior.
  • Assists the child in adapting to environmental demands and promotes the use and practice of over 50 social skills and strategies.
  • In "report" mode, documents behavior, collects data and tracks skill development.
As a teaching tool, The Social Navigator:
  • Can be used as part of a social skills curriculum, to teach social skill lessons to large classes.
  • Can be used in small therapeutic settings, to prepare students for upcoming events or to review past problematic situations.
The Social Navigator was developed to work in conjunction with evidence-based practices and supports. The application captures data that can be used in Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plans. The Social Navigator:
  • Allows staff to time stamp behavior management incidents and documents activating events and outcomes.
  • Assists in determining function of behavior and charts results.
  • Identifies performance strengths and weaknesses and tracks social skill development over time.