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The Social Navigator

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Teach Skills. Reduce Meltdowns. Change Attitudes. Train the Brain.
Social Navigator - Seven Minds
The Social Navigator is a revolutionary social skills app developed to assist children with social and behavioral challenges in adapting their behavior and developing life-long social skills.

The Social Navigator allows the user to quickly enter the dynamics of their current social situation and instantly generates corresponding strategies and recommendations, so that the child can get their needs met in a socially acceptable manner.

Designed to be both a behavior management device and a teaching tool, The Social Navigator can be used anytime a child is becoming agitated or when their behavior begins to conflict with others. It can also be used to prepare a child for an upcoming event or to review a past problematic situation.

What Sets The Social Navigator Apart

Traditional interventions concentrate on teaching social skills and self-management skills through stories, formal lessons or reinforcement models. When the child is interacting with others or is experiencing a conflict, they are expected to apply what they have learned. This assumes that the child is calm enough to have the capacity to reason, the discrimination skills to recognize what type of situation they are in and how others are reacting to them, and the planning skills to quickly formulate an appropriate response. All of these are cognitive skills that have been identified as particularly challenging for this type of child.

The Social Navigator was developed to address these neurological differences and deficits, not ignore them. Social competence requires that the child engage in specific cognitive tasks. Unlike other social skills apps on the market, every component of The Social Navigator has been designed to support, practice and enhance these cognitive skills.

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