Other Special Needs Apps Resources

Tablet and smartphone technologies like the iphone are transforming the lives of special needs families worldwide. Here are some links to additional resources related to assistive technologies, and specifically apps for people with special needs, which you may find to be helpful.

60 Minutes Story on Special Needs Apps

New York Times Article on Apps for Children with Special Needs

Lorraine Millan, creator of the Social Navigator App, is quoted in More magazine in an article on How to Support Family Members with Developmental Disabilities. Read it here, and learn more about why she created the Social Navigator App.

Teacher & Parent Social Skills Resources

Free Social Skills Checklist (2 Pages)
Each of the 70 social skills on this PDF checklist are included in the Social Navigator App.

Self-Regulation Skills: 23
Learning-Readiness Skills: 8
Conversational Skills: 14
Empathy Skills: 5
Friendship Skills: 12
Conflict Management Skills: 8

Download the Free Social Skills Checklist