Apps for Asperger's Syndrome

Apps for Asperger's Syndrome and High Functioning ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorders)

Smartphone and tablet technologies are improving the lives of children on the autism spectrum. The Social Navigator was developed based on decades of careful observation of children on the ASD spectrum and is being lauded as a game-changer in the professional community. The Social Navigator is appropriate for kids with Asperger's Syndrome and high functioning autism (HFA), social anxiety disorders, and for people seeking natural remedies for social anxiety in children.

The Social Navigator App gives specific recommendations in known Aspy trouble spots.

If you know a child with Asperger's or high functioning autism, you will immediately see that this app was specifically tailored to their needs. There are over 50 specific social skills that are employed along with a rich array of social scenarios and tips for more effective social interactions. Much of the app's output will feel like the kind of advice that comes from a person. We pride ourselves on the fact that The Social Navigator is having a positive impact on the lives of children with high functioning autism, Asperger's syndrome and related diagnoses.

With Asperger's it's important to start the social skills process as early as possible.

Asperger's and HFA can be a real paradox when it comes to kids and social skills. These children are smart, they look just like other kids, and they often outperform their peers, for example, by getting better grades in school. Consequently, they often are cut LESS slack when they have difficulty in a social situation, because it's easier for other kids (and adults) to forget their underlying diagnosis. Consequently kids with HFA often get marginalized, have trouble making and keeping friends, suffer in school, and flounder in unstructured social situations. Left unchecked, over time this is likely to reduce their self-esteem and rob them of their long-term potential.

Change is possible. Whether you're seeking a solution to reduce meltdowns, stop conflicts before they start, or just smooth out a few rough edges, The Social Navigator can help. Appropriate for children with or without a medicinal regimen, this app will quickly become a trusted tool that will train the child's brain to become more self-aware and self-reliant. Through real-world practice and feedback that gets to the heart of the issue, in time these social skills become their own.

30 Seconds Away from Realistic Feedback

Most kids that use the app get concrete tips for specific social situations in under 30 seconds. Just answer a few questions, and the app does the rest, providing tangible feedback that's relevant to the pending social situation. The Social Navigator is fast enough to provide advice at a moment's notice, so that advice can be used while it's still top of mind.

Use it Before, During, and After Any Social Situation

The Social Navigator is a revolutionary app that any child can carry with them and have on hand to prepare for upcoming social situations, use in the moment, or use as a reference to improve results after the fact. The app keeps track of progress over time and can produce reports to use in review with kids, parents, teachers, paras, therapists, and other professionals, so that everyone's on the same page.

New technologies are transforming kid's lives for the better. Here's a list of excellent apps, including The Social Navigator, that have been helpful to other children diagnosedwith Asperger's Syndrome and High Functioning Autism.

Asperger's Apps and Apps for Mild Autism/HFA (High Functioning Autism)

Name of AppLinkBrief Description
The Social Navigatorhttp:/www.socialnavigatorapp.comSocial skills app comprised of a guide and brain trainer developed through years of therapeutic observations of Asperger's Syndrome and ASD kids. Designed by a mom of a special needs child.
ReQall your reminders by voice and see them in text
IEP Checklist Checklist for parents and educators
AutismXpress be helpful in creating self-awareness of moods; beware of frequent system crashes.
First Then Visual Schedule supports for caregivers of ASD individuals