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Children with social and behavioral difficulties often struggle to be accepted in their school, community and even within their own family. Poor self-control, impaired interpersonal skills, and learning differences hinder their ability to make friends, be successful in school and function independently in the community.

The latest research supports that social and behavioral challenges are rooted in neurological and cognitive differences, not poor parenting or discipline. Differences in the way children attend to, process and evaluate information lead to maladaptive behaviors and poor social skills. In order to be effective, interventions and strategies need to address these cognitive deficits.

The Social Navigator is a mobile app developed to assist children in accurately processing social information. The Social Navigator is a portable tool that helps children navigate social situations at home, at school and in the community. The application is designed to quickly and comprehensively guide children, in real time, through social interactions and teaches invaluable skills of communication, flexibility and self-control.